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Program-addon Total Commander Edit Redirector


Using editor in Total Commander has some limitations, particularly:

  • it is impossible to use different editors for different file types;
  • it is impossible to open for editing several files at once.

There are different ways of solving these problems, but none of them is flawless. TCER is another attempt of finding a compromise.

The program is opened by pressing F4 and automatically redirects file opening into an appropriate editor. If several files are selected they will all be opened, otherwise the focused file (the one under cursor) will be opened. (See also the Restrictions of the program section in the ReadMe file.)

You might ask, why another multi-editor if there are already such tools as ChoiceEditor, OFSTC, F4Menu? That's right, but as I was using them, I found that none of these tools met my needs. I needed a very small and high-performance tool that does edit redirection only and nothing else. So, I wrote such a tool, TCER. There is no user-friendliness, there is no graphical configurator with huge amouns of options, actually, there is no user interface at all (that's why there is no screenshot on this page). This program was designed to perform the one and only task: throw the files from Total Commander directly into editor, and do it as quickly as possible, making impression that there was no redirector at all.

Of course, I understand that this tool will not cover the needs of most of the users, and it did not even intend to. For users who need configurators, editor selection, graphical interface, other utilities are at their full disposal. You only need to choose, and it's good that you have what to choose from.

It is recommended that you use TCER of the same bitness as TC (i.e., 32-bit TCER with 32-bit TC, and 64-bit TCER with 64-bit TC). If this requirement is not met editing files from redirected paths (like System32\ directory) may open a different file from what you see in TC.

Download links:

Program Version Size Download
[+] TCER x32 25 473 bytes Download
[+] TCER x32 (w/o SSE) 25 419 bytes Download
[+] TCER x64 26 974 bytes Download

Download source code:

Program Version Size Download
[+] TCER 42 941 bytes Download