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February 19, 2005

The plugin Virtual Disk is updated to the version 1.26. A small bug was fixed and two interface languages (French and Spanish) were added.

February 12, 2005

The plugin Virtual Disk is updated to the version 1.25. Now it is multilingual, so the previous two variants (Russian and English) are combined into a single one.

February 5, 2005

Updated translation for Total Commander 6.51. See Russian version of this page for details.

February 2, 2005

Today I've finished translation on Russian of the Total Commander 6.50 help file. See Russian version of this page for details.
Also I moved my forum onto a new engine called ExBB. It is more powerful, reliable, works faster and also looks more beautiful. :-) It is located at the same address as earlier.

January 23, 2005

Russian translation of Total Commander 6.50 has been added. See Russian version of this page for details.

January 9, 2005

Russian translation of help file for Total Commander 6.03a has been added. See Russian version of this page for details.

December 22, 2004

I've added a new version of the program NtfsLinks 1.1. Main changes are: a small bug fixed that caused creating a hard link without extension in some cases; added new interface languages (Ukranian with help file, German and two Spanish dialects); added new setting for selecting help file independently from the language selected. For full list of changes see English help file (.\Help\NL_eng.chm), topic "Version History".

December 7, 2004

Today I've added a new program: NTFS Links. This program allows to create hard links and junctions on NTFS-partitions from file manager Total Commander. For details read the link above.

November 15, 2004

Today I've put on my site the new version of Total Commander russification pack (6.03.3). See Russian version of the page for more details.

October 30, 2004

Well, at long last I've set up normal forum on my site. Now you can ask your questions and write wish requests there, I'll check it much more often than the previous one (mostly because of E-mail notifications about new messages :-) ). You can get to the fotum with the "Forum" button on the left.

As I'm Russian, most thematical forums are in Russian, but I've added two more forums: in English and in German, so if you don't understand Russian you can write there. So, welcome on the new forum!

September 25, 2004

Today I've found occasionally, that the virtual disk driver, used in my plugin, has been updated. As I thought, the problem with hanging the computer was in driver, and now it is solved! Moreover, it seems that the problem with large CD-images (larger than 700 MB) is also solved. At least on my PC I can mount 920 MB image and it woks properly! So, I included this new version of the driver in my plugin and updated its version number to 1.2. (No other changes has been made). Well, download, try it and tell the results. :-) Direct links on new version: English version, Russian version.

August 6, 2004

Well, today I upload on the server the last japanese crosswords package I have: package 25. It contains only 15 crosswords instead of usual 20, but this is all…
Moreover, I've created the new package of russification for Total Commander, you can read about it on the Russian version of this page.

Yes, and one more news: I've changed my E-mail address because of bad work of, where my old mail box located. Now you can write letters at .

July 25, 2004

Today I've updated russification for Ultra TC Menu Editors version 3.02. And in addition the next package of japanese crosswords: package 24. The next package will be the last, then updates will freeze for some time.

July 6, 2004

Today I've updated russification pack for Total Commander and added the similar pack for Total Commander/CE. I won't describe them here in details as everyone who needs those packs, I think, understands Russian and can read it on the Russian News page.

In addition I've uploaded the next package of japanese crosswords: package 23.

June 27, 2004

Today I updates the site engine for a little, there was one small bug… Even not bug, just three files were loaded instead of one and that made opening the page some longer. What is more useful I've added showing the file size. It is shown in the tooltip of the link. So to know the size of the file before downloading, just put mouse cursor over the link and wait for about a second.

What about other news there is a new package of japanese crosswords, the 22th one. Now I'm making a Russian translation of the help for the Total Commander. It's very large and it's take almost all my free time. So the programs updates hardly will appear soon…

June 12, 2004

Today I add in my programs list a new program: URLFileSize, version 1.0. This program allows to know size of the file from its HTTP- or FTP-address without downlolading the file itself. Once I've met in the Internet the similar program, as I pay for the Internet by traffic it is important for me to first know size of the file and then decide if it worth downloading. But that program was quite inconvenient in use and allowed to work only with HTTP-protocol. I've written to the author about some possible improvements but have not receeived any answer. So I decided to write such a program by myself but with better functionality. More detailed deescription you can find on the description page or in the file !ReadMe.txt in the archive of the program. Who became interested links for download: English version, Russian version.

Well, what about other news there is only fix of a bug with pages on my site. The problem was that SSI works only for SHTML-pages so my HTML-pages were shown incorrectly. I don't know why they worked normally for some time but when I looked them after uploading they were as I wanted them to be, but after couple of days this bug appeared… Now all is clear.

June 9, 2004

Well, at long last I've finished writing of PHP-engine for the News page! Now al the news are displayed in pages by 20 news in each page. Besides, I've modified language flags at the top of the pages so that clicking on them opens not the main page but the current page (in the selected language, of course). JavaScript is really the great feature!

While I was writing this PHP-engine, I've completely forgotten about publishing new packages of japanese crosswords. So, I publish the next one now: package21.

June 3, 2004

Congratulate you with the beginning of summer!
I've created the new version of LinkInfo, the bug was too annoying… On several computers (the number of them is very small, but they were) the plugin on closing Lister window also closed the Total Commander itself. Of course, this is not completely correct behaviour, but the problem was that I could not reproduce this bug: on all machines and operating systems I can access the plugin worked correctly. At long last with the assistance of gnozal8 I could fix it, great thanks to him!
All, who has this plugin behaving in such a way, can get the new version 1.51 (English, Russian). All other people can use the version 1.5 because fixing this bug was the only improvement. Of course there are people who like to use the latest version of software whether they need new features or not… I'm myself the same ;-)

May 26, 2004

Today is the great day: the site was moved to 2nd-level domain on non-free hosting Now I hope, problems with FTP-uploading, traffic limit and denied access from non-Russia will eliminate. Moreover, the site was fully reorganized, and English translation was added. Of course, it is impossible to translate the whole site (for example, many of jokes from the Humor page can be understanden only by Russian-speaking people), but I'll try to translate as much as possible.

May 23, 2004

This news and all the older ones are not translated into English. The thing is that translating them requires too much time, but almost useless. The most of the news are simply announcements of new versions of my programs, so there is no need to write them here.

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