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Icon Pack for Total Commander XPStyle


Total Commander allows to change its appearance by means of additional icon libraries. This file manager is suited for work in all Windows versions beginning from Win95, that's why up to versions 6.5x it contained only 16-color icons. They are displayed correctly in all Windows versions, but with interface of modern operating systems they look unpresentable. (Beginning with the version 7, TC is shipped with updated multi-colored icons.) The package XPStyle contains the library of the icons taken from Windows XP and adapted for use in Total Commander.

The package consists of two files: the ICL library that contains the icons for displaying different files and folders, and DLL file with pictures used for drive buttons. All the icons in the ICL file are 32-bit ones with transparency alpha channel. This gives high-quality images on every background, but icons with alpha channel are supported only in the latest Windows versions: XP and newer. In all previous versions there will be present a thick black region aroung the image instead of transparent shadow.

Of course, I'm not the first who invented the idea, there were already several XP-styled libraries. But all of them had, in my opinion, various shortcomings. Some of the libraries contained only images with size 16x16, so it's nearly impossible to work in mode 32x32 (some icons are stretched to this size and therefore look ugly, some icons are not displayed at all). In the other ones the icons were edited very inaccurately and that caused appearance of "denticles" or black border around the pictures. Several libraries just have poorly selected icons, which do not correspond to the general design or to entities they should identify. (Though again, this is my private opinion. Tastes differ, and many people use those libraries and are quite satisfied.) That's why I decided to create my own set of icons that corresponds my own wishes and tastes. The basis, of course, is the original Windows XP set of icons — some of them were leaved untouched, the others were edited a little.

According to numerous requests, the pack XPStyle TC is also available, which differs from XPStyle only in the main icon: it is left standard TC blue-red floppy icon. There were many users who liked the icon pack in general, but could not get used to my blue sphere main icon: it appeared to be too unusual.

Pack Version Size Download
XPStyle 1.0 26 990 bytes Download
XPStyle TC 1.0 18 596 bytes Download