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File System plugin for Total Commander VirtualDisk


This plugin allows to mount disk images as additional logical drives. When an image is mounted, a new drive appears in the system. Its letter is specified beforehand, and this drive contains all the contents of the image file. If the "Read only" mode is not turned on, user can change data on this drive, and the image file will change accordingly.

Due to the driver architecture, only NT-based Windows systems are supported: Windows 2000 and 32/64-bit Windows XP and later. There are no plans to support Win9x-based systems (Windows 95/98/ME) and Windows NT, since these systems are obsolete and even Microsoft stopped supporting them long ago.

The following three working modes are available:

  1. HDD local hard disk drive emulation. In this mode one can mount images of single partitions of hard drives formatted in FAT or NTFS system, and also images of floppy diskettes and flash-drives with the FAT file system.
  2. FDD floppy drive emulation. In this mode it is possible to mount the same image files as above, except for NTFS file systems (Windows does not allow to work with NTFS on floppies).
  3. CD/DVD CD-drive emulation (there is no difference between CD and DVD from the system's point of view). This mode is used for mounting CD- and DVD-disk images. One can use ISO format and some of the BIN- and NRG-images. (Unfortunately, the exact information, in which cases BIN- and NRG-images can be mounted, is absent.)


Before installing the plugin it is necessary to read the ReadMe file that is located in the Descripts folder. It contains information on how to correctly install the driver which is required for the plugin to work, and which actions are not desirable when using the plugin. These actions are very rear and do not corrupt your data or system, but it is always better to play safe.

Download links:

Plugin Version Size Download
[+] VirtualDisk 1.3.3 Final 262 268 bytes Download

For those who doesn't want to use the plugin for some reason and finds abilities of the FileDisk tool (on which the project is based) insufficient, I also publish the similar tool adapted to the new functions of the driver. Also, the package contains the full source codes for the driver and the tool.

Please, keep in mind that it is currently impossible to use both the plugin and the tool simultaneously. Before working with the plugin you need to unmount all the images mounted via the vd_filedisk tool.

Tool Version Size Download
VD_FileDisk 1.3.3 Final 79 949 bytes Download