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Program URLFileSize


This small but useful program is designed for those who wants to save Internet traffic. It allows to find out size of a remote file without downloading it. It can be often useful if you don't want to download file if it is too large, but the size is not specified anywhere.

The program has a small dialog which can be positioned above all the other windows so that you could easily see the result of request. Also it can watch for the Clipboard and if there appears some correct HTTP- or FTP-address, the program copies it into the address field, and accordingly to the settings it can automatically request for the size. Besides, the URL can be passed into the program as the command-line parameter, and this allows easy integrating the call of this program into the context menu of the Opera browser (see ReadMe file in the program's archive for details).

Download links:

Program Version Size Download
[+] URLFileSize 2.0 27 168 bytes Download