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File System plugin for Total Commander Uninstaller64


This plugin allows to view the list of installed applications directly in the Total Commander panel, view detailed information about each uninstallation entry, launch deinstallation and forcibly delete invalid entries. The plugin was developed as replacement for the UnInstaller plugin which have not been updated for very long time and no longer suits the needs of modern systems, supporting neither Unicode, nor 64-bit architecture. The plugin Uninstaller64 provides the same functionality extending it according to the latest innovations both in Windows architecture and in Total Commander. It's worth noting that the current version of Unisntaller64 does not cover all of the original UnInstaller plugin's functionality, particularly, displaying detailed information about Windows hotfixes is not supported. However, even in UnIsntaller this function only works in Windows XP and older systems, so this drawback is not critical. But anyway, implementing this feature is still planned for the future versions of Unisntaller64 (and if I can I will add support for modern Windows systems as well).

Here is the list of improvements compared to the UnInstaller plugin:

  • 64-bit version is available.
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Listing of both 32- and 64-bit uninstallation entries (no matter which TC version is used).
  • Improved design of the HTML document with information about an uninstallation entry.
  • Improved method of searching icons to display in TC panel.
  • Options to confirm uninstallation.
  • Improved date/time of the application installation.
  • Show estimated application size also in Windows Vista/7.
  • Support background operations.
  • Content data fields with basic information about uninstallation entries.
  • Option where to store plugin settings.
  • When deinstalling applications or deleting uninstallation entries, the plugin does not change the other entries' pseudo-extensions; therefore user does not have to reread the list each time, and the cursor in TC panel does not jump to the beginning of the list.
  • When deleting a key, auxiliary keys are also deleted from the registry.
  • When opening the Properties dialog, it becomes read-only if the user does not have write access to the corresponding registry key.

Download links:

Plugin Version Size Download
[+] Uninstaller64 1.0.1 239 791 bytes Download

Download source code:

Plugin Version Size Download
[+] Uninstaller64 1.0.1 70 862 bytes Download