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Russian Book about Total Commander


During its 15-years-lifetime, Total Commander has obtained so large amount of various functions that it has been becoming more and more tough for new users to start using this program. Basic functions do not require big brain, but if you use only basic functions you do not need TC, its fascination is not in them only. Vadim Kazakov and I are trying to add as much as possible information into our translation of the help file in the TC Russification package, but the help file format has its limitations. First of all, it has always been and will always be a handbook, not a textbook. To read about some particular function in it, the user has to know beforehand not only that this function exists at all, but also how it is named in TC. Second, the structure of the help file is rigid and strictly determined by the program, more exactly — by its dialogs that call the corresponding help pages. And finally, the help should be kept relatively compact, and this implies that the user needs some prior knowledge to use the information given in the help. Therefore, for learning the program something different is needed, and this "different" is the book we wrote.

This book exists in Russian only, so if you don't know this language, the book is probably of no interest to you. I cannot yet tell whether it will be translated into other languages. It's huge amount of work, you know. But anyway, the fact of the very existence of this book might be interesting for some of the non-Russian-speaking users.

Authors: Konstantin A. Vlasov, Vadim Yu. Kazakov
Title: Total Commander: эффективная работа с файлами и архивами
(eng: Total Commander: Effective Work with Files and Archives)
Language: Russian
Series: В подлиннике (eng: Original)
Publishers: БХВ-Петербург (eng: BHV-Petersburg)
Format: 70×100/16, soft cover
Pages: 752
ISBN 978-5-9775-0022-7
Nr. of copies: 2000
Price: starting from 400 RUR

When we wrote the book we tried to keep to the principle of growing complexity. So, the beginners will not find themselves drowning in an ocean of information, but will be able to start with simple things including even the short excursion to the world of two-panel file managers to know what they are and what they are used for. Then it will be possible for them to pass on to more complex functions. The users who have already got some experience with TC will be able to extend their knowledge, discover new sides of already learned functions, as well as master new ones, which seemed to be too complicated. And even experts might find some new unexplored corners on the intricate TC pathways, various secrets and launching pads for their own experiments with non-standard situations they did not try before.

The book is shipped with a CD which contains the distribution of the latest stable TC version (7.04a), our Russification package and also a set of the most useful (from our point of view) plugins and utilities. The image of this CD is available on this page for free downloading.

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