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Program Runner


This is a simple program to replace/imitate the system Start/Run dialog when you press Win+R.

Normally, this shortcut brings you the system Run dialog to launch arbitrary command lines. However, some users prefer to apply a registry tweak which disables many Win+? shortcuts, and Win+R becomes disabled too. My program is designed to return this lost functionality. As and additional advantage, it provides an option to run the specified command with Administrator privileges. Notice though, that the program is only working via Win+R! If you open the Start menu and click the Run item, it will still open the standard dialog, not the Runner one.

The program is portable. Just unpack the downloaded archive and run the program from it. Optionally you can edit the Runner.ini file and change the language, no other options are provided. Also, keep in mind that Runner will not be able to start if you don't have the registry tweak, because it will fail to register the shortcut (it's already in use). If you want to use the program, this is the tweak in question:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Download links:

Program Version Size Download
Runner (x64) 1.2 169 817 bytes Download
Runner (x32) 1.2 163 081 bytes Download

Download source code:

Program Version Size Download
Runner 1.2 119 406 bytes Download