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Program PingLed


The program is a graphical wrapper of the program miplsd.exe which can continuously ping the specified computer and displays an icon in the system tray, its colour being green if the computer is accessible, and red otherwise.

The program miplsd itself can take only parameters from command line. This is often inconvenient, that's why I wrote the simple program-dialog that allows to specify all the parameters visually. After pressing OK the miplsd is just started with all the parameters specified. Besides, PingLed automatically remembers IP addresses for all computers (if both computer name and its address were specified). If you specify only the computer name, and the computer is inaccessible at the moment miplsd starts, this program fails to determine IP address, and will always show the red icon, even if the computer appears in the network later. PingLed always passes the IP address into miplsd, if it was specified explicitly or remembered earlier.

Unfortunately, writing a wrapper cannot fix problems of the miplsd. For example, implementation of starting some program when ping appears or disappears is very ppor and in most cases the programs do not start. I failed to contact the author, so this bug will hardly be fixed in the future. So, I have in my future plans implementing another, brand new version of PingLed which will do all the work on its own, without miplsd, but this is still in the future.

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Program Version Size Download
PingLed 1.4 28 985 bytes Download