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Program-addon for Total Commander NTFS Links


This program is an addon for the famous file manager Total Commander. NTFS Links is a stand-alone program that can work by itself, but it has been positioned as addon for TC, and therefore work with this program indirectly is quite inconvenient.

The program allows to create hard links and junctions on NTFS-partitions. This functionality is absent in Total Commander itself, because the author considers it too risky. Whether this claim is valid or not, everybody should decide for himself, but in any case my program allows to fill this gap. For more detailed descriptions about what hard links and junctions are, about differences between them and usage examples, see the English help file which is present in the program's archive in subfolder Language.

Also in the topic "Program Setup" you can learn what to do to make the program work with Total Commander. For those, who are quite familiar with this file manager, it's enough to tell, that the program requires the following command-line parameters:

"%WL" "%T\" /i=<file_name.ini>

(The parameter /i is optional. It specifies which INI-file the program should use for storing its settings. If this parameter is not specified, the system registry will be used.)


Some programs, specifically Windows Explorer, cannot recognize junctions correctly! The result is that when you try to remove a junction from Explorer, all the contents of the original directory will be removed! This is NOT a bug of NTFS Links, it is a feature of the programs that cannot work correctly with junctions. Please, check you application for correctness before using it with junctions!

Total Commander works correctly with junctions, that's why it is strongly recommended to use it instead of Windows Explorer. But please, be careful: if you have an option to use Explorer for deletion turned on, or if you perform removing via "Delete" context menu command, deletion will be performed by Explorer with all the ensuing consequences!

This bug has been fixed only in Windows Vista. If you are using earlier Windows versions and want to work with junctions, I would highly recommend to install the program NTFS Link (do not confuse it with NTFS Links there's no "s" at the end!): it installes the shell extension which takes over the deletion operations to work with junctions more correctly.

Download links:

Program Version Size Download
NTFS Links (x64) 1.30 361 698 bytes Download
[+] NTFS Links (x32) 1.30 343 352 bytes Download