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Program-addon for Total Commander NoClose Replacer


This program is a replacer for the noclose.exe/noclose64.exe file which is used by the file manager Total Commander for starting console applications without automatic closing the colsole window. Usually, the console window disappears as soon as the program finishes, but if you start the application by Shift+Enter the console window will remain visible until you close it manually. Total Commander implements this using a small program noclose.exe (noclose64.exe in the 64-bit version) which is located in the TC installation directory.

Unfortunately, using this method leaves much to be desired. The remaining console window is an active session and you can close it either by clicking the close button in the titlebar, or by typing the exit command. Besides, it can only use the default system command interpretor which may not be what everybody wants. NoClose Replacer allows to extend this mechanism's abilities and improve the way console applications are used (and not only console ones). By configuring the program appropriately, you can use different command processors, specify additional command-line parameters and even choose one of several processors by holding a configured hotkey after pressing Shift+Enter.


Total Commander uses the described scheme only since version 8.0. Previous versions (up to 7.5x) process Shift+Enter via the specially configured PIF file installed into the Windows system directory. NoClose Replacer 1.3 is designed to work with TC 8.0 method, and it will fail with previous TC versions. If you use them, please, take NoClose Replacer 1.2 which is installed by replacing the noclose.pif file.

Download links:

Program Version Size Download
NoClose Replacer 1.3 73 597 bytes Download
NoClose Replacer (Win9x) 1.3 44 792 bytes Download
[+] NoClose Replacer (TC 7.5x) 1.2 19 833 bytes Download

Download source code:

Program Version Size Download
NoClose Replacer 1.3 19 944 bytes Download