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Content plugin for Total Commander NL_Info


This plugin allows to view information about hard links and reparse points on NTFS partitions.

The field Number of Hard Links contains the value of the hard links counter for the particular file record. It can be applied to files only, because in Windows hard links cannot be created for directories. For files which do not have additional hard links or which are located on file systems without hard links support, this value will be equal to 1 (as the file itself is treated as a hard link to itself too).

For reparse points (junctions, mount point and so on) the other fields are used: the pair Reparse Point Type and Reparse Point Type (Ext), then Reparse Point Target, Relative and Valid Target. The first two of them contain the type of the particular reparse point (the full list of possible types as well as the desctiption of differences between these two fields is present in the ReadMe-file), the Reparse Point Target shows the target object on which the link points to, the Relative field defines the kind of the target path (absolute or relative), and the Valid Target tells if this target object is available or not.

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[+] NL_Info 1.20 43 605 bytes Download