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Lister-plugin for Total Commander LinkInfo


This project consists of the program LinkEditor and the plugin LinkInfo. The plugin allows to view all the information about LNK file by simple pressing F3, and also to edit it without closing the Lister. The program is a stand-alone product that allows to edit LNK files without Total Commander. LNK file can be specified as command-line parameter, or you can choose it after starting the program in the appropriate edit box.

LNK file is a link that allows to run programs, open folders and files and so on. This plugin allows to view and edit the target (what the link opens), working folder, icon, window size… In short — almost all items that you can see in Properties dialog of this link file.

Of course, one could argue that such a plugin is not needed, because you can see all this by simple pressing Alt+Enter. But in my opinion the plugin makes work more convenient by allowing to use the common interface for viewing almost all files by F3 or in quick view by Ctrl+Q. In any case, I just wrote this plugin. If you like it, then use it, else you may simply ignore its very existence.

Download links:

Plugin Version Size Download
[+] LinkInfo 1.52 316 470 bytes Download