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Packer plugin for Total Commander HLP/MVB


The plugin represents HLP and MVB help files as archives with set of files obtained by decompilation of the original help file (usually it includes main RTF file, some images in BMP and SHG formats and HPJ or MVP project file).

The plugin is based on the source code of the HelpDeco tool by Manfred Winterhoff. Unlike the MultiArc addon, this plugin does not use the program as an auxiliary tool, but includes its source code modified appropriately. This allowed to eliminate the critical problem of the MultiArc addon: destroying some files in the directory containing the HLP file (the ones that happened to have the same names as one or more of the archive's contents files).

The original HelpDeco tool can be downloaded in the source code form from where it continued being developed relicensed under GPLv2 (the original homepage unfortunetaly went off).

Download links:

Plugin Version Size Download
[+] HLP/MVB 170 985 bytes Download
[+] HLP/MVB (w/o SSE) 86 547 bytes Download

Download source code:

Plugin Version Size Download
[+] HLP/MVB 63 629 bytes Download