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Plugin for EmEditor Codepage Converter


EmEditor is a very powerful text editor. It supports so wide variety of functions that it is almost impossible to describe them all even in short. Syntax highlighting with individual settings for each highlight scheme, support for regular expressions, search and replace in multiple files at once, support for large amount of different encodings including Unicode, and much much more.

Besides, it supports plugins and macroses, and that increases its possibilities even greater. Codepage Converter is a plugin that allows to convert text from one codepage into another.

Generally speaking, EmEditor itself allows to load the text using the codepage needed. But this approach has some inconveniences:

  1. It's impossible to convert the text without saving it on the disk.
  2. It's impossible to convert some part of the text (well, it's possible, but only by copying this part into another editor window, saving it there, loading in the new encoding and copying back).
  3. If there are redefined codepages in your system, it's impossible to load the file in the codepage needed.

Some more details about the latter. There is a very old known bug in the OS Windows which for some reason is stubbornly ignored by Microsoft: when you copy text into the clipboard from a non-unicode program, the text may become something completely different from what you saw at the screen. For example, you select and copy into clipboard the Russian word "текст", but in the clipboard appears "òåêñò". To solve this problem you can either switch the keyboard layout each time before copying so that it corresponded the codepage needed, or once redefine in the registry one (or more) of the codepage into another, so that codepage transformations were performed correctly. For example, if you have usually English keyboard layout turned on, and you wish to copy Russian text, you need to redefine the 1252 codepage (English) to the 1251 (Russian) by importing into the registry the following file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


ATTENTION! Be very careful when changing the system registry! Incorrect data changing can cause errors of even crash of the system!

After that the text will be copied correctly, but EmEditor will not be able to load text in the 1252 codepage, because the system will translate it into Unicode using the 1251 codepage, as defined in the registry. So, how to solve this problem? And here the plugin Codepage Converter can help. It allows to convert text between different codepages by directly reading the NLS files, independently of what is specified in the registry. As the result, you have the text (or part of it) that is correctly converted into the codepage you specified.

Download links:

Plugin Version Size Download
[+] Codepage Converter x32 1.1 110 727 bytes Download
Codepage Converter x64 1.1 125 383 bytes Download